vCIO/QBR Strategy

Your dream QBR with assessments, executive summaries, dashboards, roadmap, budgets and anything you can imagine.

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Drive Digital Transformation & Help your Clients Thrive

Become a strategic MSP and create a digital transformation plan for your clients. Help them achieve their company goals using QBR software designed to make them thrive in a new modern world.

Standardize Your Stack

Strategy Overview is a QBR software designed to standardize your stack across all your clients so you can deliver a better experience that clients and engineers will love and rave about!

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Grade your clients' technology strategy on 100+ points and clearly document all the risks. By leading your clients through this process, you will evolve their businesses, dramatically reduce your support hours per end point and keep your team happy and healthy.


Easily see your project roadmap and prioritize technology upgrades over 7 years.


Automatically calculate the budget for all future projects in our new Quickbooks style budget view.

Executive Summary

Create a simple executive summary for your clients based on a template so they can see a snapshot of what is actually going on. No longer will clients be overwhelmed by pages and pages of techy reports they don't understand.

Template Engine

Use our golden template or make your own. Templates are infinitely customizable with different parts to create a report of your dreams standardized across all your clients.

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Beautiful PDF report

Generate a beautiful PDF that show your client a full picture of their technology strategy, network map, assets, contacts, roadmap and budget.

Presentation Mode

Run a meeting via Zoom/Teams and then generate a beautiful fully branded PDF report in seconds that your clients will love. Your clients will have full clarity into their overall technology health and strategy.


Visualize your client's health score, security score, efficiency score, sites, users, servers, workstations, progress over time and so much more.

Asset List

Show a clean list of all computers and servers. Grade and budget for computer replacements. Strategy Overview will also automatically update the purchase date, warranty date and manufacturer and sync it back into your PSA.

Managed User List

Sync your contacts into Strategy Overview and show a clean user list of active managed users to your clients.