To get yourself setup and running on the app and on your vCIO/QBR journey.

  1. History of our app
  2. vCIO/QBR philosophy
  3. vCIO/QBR process used in our MSP
  4. Initial setup
  5. Explain templates
  6. Run a report
  7. Dashboard usage



If you just need 1on1 training to refine any vCIO/QBR topic please schedule below.

  1. Deep dive into how to run a QBR.
  2. Discuss every element in detail
  3. Identify what is needed for your vCIO process to succeed and any custom topic

vCIO Kickstart


Begins with understanding your current process and then creating a plan to take your vCIO process from any level into a mature and consistent process.

  1. 10 training sessions over 2 quarters
    • - 1 Onboarding
    • - 9 Training hours
  2. Setting up your Connectwise or other CRM for automated QBR scheduling
  3. 1on1 work with your vCIO team