Built for MSPs, by an MSP.

How Strategy Overview began...

Strategy Overview is a vCIO/QBR/Asset Lifecycle Management Software founded by brothers Alex Markov and Dimitri Markov and launched at IT Nation, November 2017. Since then the platform has been used by thousands of MSPs on every continent. Strategy Overview is the fastest and easiest to use vCIO/QBR software on the market. It was designed based on a process developed in Red Key Solutions www.redkeysolutions.com, one of New York City, Westchester County, Connecticut, New Jersey's leading Managed IT Services Providers and part of HTG Peer Groups.

The process behind Strategy Overview was developed by Alex Markov on a whiteboard starting in 2010. Once the process was converted into a spreadsheet, it was used for thousands of strategic technology meetings with companies of all sizes and verticals. The process was simple, effective and clients began to rely on it to create a roadmap of technological evolution. But spreadsheets involved too much manual work and could not scale on spreadsheets any longer. We decided to build Strategy Overview to save every MSP countless hours performing vCIO Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) and Strategic Assessments.

Strategy Overview is built from the ground up on Microsoft's latest technologies and hosted in Azure. It is built with speed and simplicity, yet is infinitely flexible to perform assessments on the most complicated environments. The new age of MSPs is here. The age of Strategy. Join us to bring strategy to every company on the planet.


Our Mission

Strategy is disorganized, manual, managed via excel spreadsheets and spread across disjointed systems. Leaderships teams are operating with outdated and incomplete information. Strategy needs to be modernized. Strategy Overview has created a platform to redefine strategy for every company and individual in the world. This is only the beginning. Follow us as we change the world.




Alex Markov

CEO & Co-Founder


Dimitri Markov

CTO & Co-Founder


Paul Grenci

Strategy Guide


Jason Combest

Strategy Guide


Matt Zaretsky

Business Director


Matt Moniello




MSPs Strategy Overview

Strategy is the future of technology

Strategy Overview allows us to have a consistent strategy process that is extremely simple and fast. Nothing gives us the ability to view our total stack like SO. We are excited for all the things to come from the SO team!


Bart McDonough



Strategy Overview has helped us create concise, attractive, and understandable client reports to use alongside our existing OML and roadmap documents. The platform is not only easy for us to use, but it is also easy for our clients to see where we can improve their systems and mitigate their risks. Strategy Overview has cut down the time it took to prepare for meetings and enhanced our relationships with clients. Keep up the great work, team!


Joel Abramson



BOOM! Finally we don’t need to use spreadsheets. I can’t even count how much time this saves us. We wouldn’t be able to manage the strategy for so many organizations without an easy platform like this. And our clients now have a consistent strategic approach. Everyone wins. Client budgeting made simple. Imagine that!


Nelson Gomes



We’ve been searching high and low for a tool that is fast, easy to use and doesn’t require training for our staff. Strategy Overview is all those things and allows our Client Success Teams to very quickly get their scorecards completed and out to our clients. We work towards making technology bends to the needs of our clients and it’s nice that Strategy Overview fits our processes, we don’t have to bend to fit its.


Karl Fulljames


A picture is worth a thousand words!

Strategy Overview allows you to clearly paint a picture to communicate IT risks and opportunities. While quotes and proposals are important components in any opportunity, presenting a solution through a quote feels more like a Vendor/Client relationship than a Partnership. Using a platform like Strategy Overview to align needs and budgets well before the final proposal stage fosters the Trusted Advisor relationship that service providers shoot for. Nothing on the market today unlocks the vCIO process like Strategy Overview.


Joe Cram


Strategy Overview Rocks!

Strategy Overview has helped us to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare for business review meetings while increasing the value of our vCIO service to our clients. Since utilizing Strategy Overview, we have been able to consistently schedule, prepare for and hold business review meetings with clients and generate substantial opportunities for projects and hardware/software sales. The tool is easy to use and the reports are easy for our clients to understand. We are very satisfied and look forward to the huge ROI this tool will continue to produce.


Wayne Klug